Windows 8.1 release preview iso

windows 8.1 release preview iso

After months of waiting, leaks, speculation and rumors, Microsoft today from the build conference in conversation in english books San Francisco announces that Windows.1 Preview is ready for download.
For the moment, you can install the Windows.1 preview following directly this download link (dont worry, its secure and its Microsoft official).
Once you have the ISO file, follow our how to install Windows 8 from ISO file or how to install Windows 7/Windows 8 from USB flash drive guide to successfully install Windows.1 on your.This is an independent site, and it takes a lot of time and hard work to produce content.The good news is that we wont have to pay for this update, as there were voice before that were saying Microsoft might charge a small fee for the update.A new feature is web application proxy which provide advance ability and consistent experience.Windows 8 Enterprise Windows 8 Enterprise Evaluation users will need to download the Windows.1 Preview ISO files following this link.Only time will tell.Resize Apps Windows.Until we get to the Windows.1 download links, have a quick look at the video below.Note that youll need to use.Device Encryptions and improved integrated biometric function in Windows.1 make it leader.Microsoft makes sure to warn us about a few important things: The following devices wont get Windows.1 straight away Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2, asus VivoTab TF810C, Samsung ativ Smart PC, HP ElitePad 900, HP envy x2, Fujitsu arrows Tab.Before installing the update (formerly known as Blue) in your primarily PC, I highly recommend to read my previous article.The preview is primarily available from the Windows Store, but for those that cannot wait another second, Microsoft also made available a Windows.1 Preview ISO file that anyone can download and install when convenient.Click below button to download.It all adds up to a much-needed shot in the arm for Windows 8 users, and feels like Windows XP after Service Pack 1 resolved a number of major niggles with the then-fledgling.
Enhanced Environment for Virtual Desktops.
A lot has been made of the new Start button, but this simply provides one-click access back to the Start screen (you can, at least, right-click it to access the Quick Access menu).

This Release Preview gives you your first glimpse into how Windows will change with this next release, and while it's possible to install it over the top of your existing Windows 8 installation, we strongly recommend you don't put your main system at risk.So you can see why your help is needed.Users which are domain joined in Windows.1 can be a part of better group policy management.All PC users running Windows 8 can now upgrade their installations to Windows.1 Preview by installing this update and then following on-screen instructions.The Start screen has received a more radical makeover, split into two sections with the Apps view now more visible via the down arrow button that appears towards the bottom of the screen.The Settings app has been revamped to offer more features usually hidden behind the Control Panel (which is still available in desktop view, thankfully and some new apps have been included by default, including SkyDrive.Windows 7 which was the previous version of Windows.