Windows 8 imagex installer

windows 8 imagex installer

That is right if you want to use dism.
(spoiler) Well no more!
I see some commonalities too.Currently its supplied in dism folder.To Capture the C: Drive to an external USB drive.One of the tools I have switched to, in recent years, for my imaging needs was imagex.Dism stands for Deployment Image Servicing and Management.If you are just restoring over same drive the above works fine.Wim /index:1 /ApplyDir:c: *Note: This tool is a file based imaging tool and not a sector based imaging tool.The imaging functionality has been added to the dism tool.
Back in the day I used Ghost a lot for imaging workstations.

This makes is very convenient to image with dism.Wim /CaptureDir:c: /Name:My Image.Dism GUI is the nice add on too.Brian, for more info on the new dism check out these articles: Previous Post, next Post).The best part about this is that the dism tool is not only available in the waik along with the legacy imagex tool but it is already installed in Windows 8!Exe 1xml d1 m1 1xml x86Dismdismapi.ive just started working on version 4 of dism GUI and honestly I dont know what features of dism to add.If you are upgrading to a new hard drive then you need to also copy the system partition and create these two partitions on the new disk before restoring the image.
Here are the steps that I use: Boot off of a Windows 8 install USB stick (See my post on how to create a USB install stick at the install Screen hit shift F10 to start a CMD prompt window.
Probably, windows 7 ultimate 32 bit installer full version MS just didn't have time to update ImageX docs, they will be added later, unless this tool is slated to be consumed by dism.