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Session: CSS Shaders - Features and mahabharatam tamil pdf book Security.
With a background in theoretical studies and a career as a web developer that spans from corporate to agencies since the late 90s, it's become a life passion tripp lite sr25ub 25u rack enclosure server cabinet to adopt new web technologies and pursue innovative uses of familiar concepts like dynamic data and interactive.
Author of the blog CSS, JavaScript and xhtml Explained (t/blog) and community expert.Vincent has a passion for graphical design.Daniel joined Intel in Nov.It keeps things interesting and fresh.Retrieved English, Eoin (9 February 2015).Tracks on Javascript, html5, Apps Games, client, server, mobile.Session: Mobilize Javascript html5 games to iOS Android using CocoonJS Daniel Holmlund Software Engineer at Intel.Vincent currently works on CSS shaders, CSS regions, CSS exclusions, and Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG).In computer science and engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.Bet that wasn't what you expected and yes his talk is funny too and highly recommended.In any case devs have to be aware of the difference.
Session: Responsive design with html5, CSS3, JavaScript and BackboneJS Matt Kelly Lead Rails Engineer at zurb and HotChalk Inc.
Vincent contributed to the development of the SVG specification and its version for mobile devices, SVG Tiny.

Arvind Jain, director of Enginering at Google.Ashvin's current focus is on delivering high quality html5, Hybrid, and Native mobile apps on phones and tablets.When Tim is not coding, he considers StarCraft and wasting time on the internet as his favourite hobbies.Previously he worked at Adobe, Sun Microsystems, Intel, and Xerox, where he became an expert in building web applications in web related technologies such as Java, JavaScript, Flex and ActionScript.Mathieu Baudet COO at MLstate.He is a skilled designer with the ability to take design concepts and produce high fidelity mock ups and prototypes.He has realized his passion lies in user interface optimization and implementation.Imitrex online great site.Prior to his current startup endeavor, he was at Orange Labs San Francisco, Clever Machine, Groundspring."Air Crash Investigation TV Listing (Australia.Session: OReply Invaders United Tim Kim PhoneGap Champ/Developer Relations at Adobe.
Sponsored Session: Defragging html5 In-App Purchasing Vineet Rajosi Sharma.