Typing instructor platinum 21 for mac review

typing instructor platinum 21 for mac review

After you choose your favorite theme and route, Typing Instructor Platinum 21 will best wordpress login security plugin 2013 take you on an adventurous journey around the world, while teaching you how to touch type.
Others were not happy with the installation process, as it seemed difficult to do and resulted in a bug-ridden program.Lastly, you complete a word test for that lesson and get a stamp for your virtual passport.View results for each finger, row, key, or hand separately.This typing software has over 30 arcade style game challenges, as the manufacturers goal is to help you master typing while having some fun.In addition, typists can create their own personal lesson plans.Over 100 Professional Lessons Tests Improve Speed Accuracy Quickly.The use of repetitive keystroking builds correct finger-to-key memory.Typists begin their trip from the Travel Port, where they travel through several time zones around the world.
The lessons, games, challenges and exercises are similar for the two languages but have been adapted to suit users from both groups.

Of course learning, no matter how important the subject, should always be fun and engaging so as to aid memorization.Typing Instructor Platinum 21 is available in both English and Spanish, so you can choose the language you would like to improve at, or you can work on your bilingual typing skills.Typing Instructor Platinum 21 has another interesting feature as well you can see your progress per finger, with the accuracy and speed you have achieved with each individual finger.Typing Instructor Platinum 21 is overall very well received by users.Create Your Own Personal Learning Plan!Some users report that they could not connect to a support team member, despite calling and e-mailing numerous times.Typing Software: Typing Instructor Platinum 21 by Individual Software, platform/Media: PC Download - Mac Download - PC/Mac Disc.The third step introduces you to your first repetition exercise, where you are given different sequences of the letters you have just learned, the idea is to practice typing the letters in various progressions.