Tripp lite sr25ub 25u rack enclosure server cabinet

tripp lite sr25ub 25u rack enclosure server cabinet

Textured powder coat finish for tough resistance to environmental concerns such as deployment in warehouses.
Adjustment is quick and convenient.
Vendor-neutral square hole/cage nut mounting for guaranteed compatibility with all EIA-310-D compliant 19" equipment.
Mounting slots are arranged in an industry-standard pattern compatible with a wide variety of accessories.Weight ratings games arcade full version of 3000 lb stationary and 2250 lb rolling.Casters are pre-installed and support a rolling load capacity of 2250 lbs, allowing the enclosures to be pre-configured and rolled to the final installation location.The easy-view depth index ensures consistent rail placement without requiring time-consuming measurements.25U rack enclosure with doors and side panels * Front and rear sets of equipment mounting rails adjust in 1/4" increments.To simplify deployment, the SR25UB comes with casters that enable it to be maneuvered into to desired location, and then secured in place by adjusting the units levelers.All components are grounded to the enclosure frame which includes multiple connections for facility virtual cd drive win 7 64 ground.Front and rear doors include quick-release ground wires.Five year repair or real madrid pc game replacement warranty.They also support installation of standard user-supplied case fans (Tripp Lite.Adjustable mounting rails include an easy-view depth index to eliminate time-consuming measurements.Compatibility with airflow optimization accessories as well as cable management accessories.The SR25UB ships fully assembled for quick installation and comes with a 5-year warranty.Designed with provisions to integrate cooling, power distribution and cable management, the SR25UB is an ideal home for mission-critical equipment.Enclosures ship fully assembled for rapid deployment and roll into place on heavy-duty casters.
Front door is locking, reversible and removable.

This prevents unauthorized access to installed equipment while making it easy for authorized personnel to perform inspections, maintenance and equipment replacement.Integrated baying tabs facilitate combining enclosures in rows for standard data center baying applications.Center-to-center width can be set at 600mm or 24" to match standard data center floor tiles.Split rear door design reduces clearance requirements for service entry allowing the enclosure to be placed closer to a wall.SmartRack enclosures are designed for secure, high density server and networking applications in IT environments.The top and bottom panels are also provided with ports for cable routing.