Tier 1 adc 2013

tier 1 adc 2013

With no exhaust to stop you, and if you are fed.
It can take as easy as an full charged Q, Ultimate on top with his Hail of Arrows and 1-2 Auto's to completely burst down and kill the other ADC or support at bottom lane.
Not only that but since he can't get Manamune maxed out until mid game, he won't be nearly as rewarding as the other ADCs in the 1st tier list.
Explicación de que es un "Tier Por Kukarasha: "Pues realmente es una lista que engloba a half life 2 episode 3 torent tpb los campeones en diferentes grupos, desde el Tier 1 donde tendríamos a los campeones más versátiles para poder ganar una partida hasta la V donde tenemos a esos campeones.Como pega, es su dificultad para posicionarse bien en una tf si no a logrado conseguir alguna kill o asistencia previaemnte.LOL: ml, project 64 1.5 emulator buypower: mi lista de Tier GOD ADC: (Criterio personal aDC: Lucian, Vayne y Jinx.I picked her in the tier list because not only is she rewarding early game but when she gets ganks and has Rocket Jump up and lands.Like B00ndox said, just my opinion, but also hopefully the thread keeps going, would quite like to see other peoples opinion.
The slow and the high 1.26 a patch switcher damage proc from Iceborn Gauntlet are not the only thing that gives Ezreal a huge advantage over most champions, but his Arcane Shift if used correctly can be used to avoid Skill Shots like Charm from Ahri and much more.
Just my opinion i dont like how you have added champions of which are not classed as ADC in the ADC Tier List, just seems to not give a clear representation of skill compared to the others.

If Fed early game, graves does hit really hard, not only by burst but his auto attacks with Quickdraw pull out a ton of damage.Did you look at the mechanics or is it simply based on how well you play with said champions?Edito: Ire poniendo las paginas que aporteis para que la gente pueda entrar en ellas y sea esto una referencia a modo de "enciclopedia".Siempre que no sea una pagina repetida podeis ponerla, para echar un ojo y ver si cambian sus tiers.La ulti bien tirada, aporta "presencia" en todo el mapa, ayudando a matar a un enemigo, rematándolo y quedándote tu la kill, o robando objetivos como baron y dragon (esto ultimo mas difícil de lograr).Ez maybe a couple others.Por otra parte tenemos al típico pick de Vayne.Tus enemigos temerán hacer back, porque saben que eso les costara la torre.Most of my pentakills do come from this ADC and god does it feel rewarding.
Graves is truly a powerful ADC.
The only reason I gave him the last spot in the 1st tier list is because tear of the goddess sets him back until it is maxed out.