The anupam kher show shahrukh khan full episode

the anupam kher show shahrukh khan full episode

In the background are Roman pillars interspersed with very modern looking candle mountain bike adrenaline game stands.
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At the centre of the set sits a gilt-edged maroon vinyl sofa, facing a gilt-edged maroon arm chair.
Theres little pandering and the inside jokes are few, unlike in Johars show.But then again, has he ever been interviewed in a set like the one Kher has for his show?Disclaimer: The Anupam Kher Show airs on Colors.Kher is an engaging interviewer, but was it an earth-shattering, scintillating interview?Did you know Khan was actually named Abdul Rehman by his grandmother, but his father named him Shah Rukh?However, it was simply, a pleasant break from the Karan Johar-style of interviewing, with its rapid fire and increasingly boring answers.Much to my surprise I did.Its quite the fire hazard and I expect the three witches to pop out from the background at any moment.Predictably, there was a little about his love story with his wife, Gauri Khan, who is the first woman he ever dated.We're expanding one step at a time.Kher was going to interview Shah Rukh Khan, whos been interviewed so often, I dont understand the point of interviewing him.Khans love for cinema and acting began before he met theatre actor and teacher, Barry John.These are placed on a broken cement flooring, which has tufts of grass popping out.But there wont be gossip and the conversation wont be superficial.Your guess is as good as mine.Kher is the co-star with whom Khan has acted the most number of times, and Kher uses this familiarity well.
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He raps about life, how yeh bhi ho sakta hai, woh bhi ho sakta hai and finally, you guessed it, kuch bhi ho sakta hai.Until then, we're only available in India.The Anupam Kher Show, with the tagline, kucch Bhi Ho Sakta Hai.On Sunday night, a brand new celebrity interview show began.Shah Rukh Khan turns 52: Sincere advice from a fan, to keep romancing beyond the stardom.Did I learn anything new about Khan?Did someone forget to pick it up?And somewhere in the background you can hear KJo groan.If you had to judge it by its set, The Anupam Kher Show would be less of a talk show and more Macbeth-meets-Game Of Thrones-meets-Gladiator.