Tales of pirates 1.35 patch

tales of pirates 1.35 patch

And for other see who kind to know the new coordinate for mini boss.
Melee System, itÂfs the abattoir for gladiators; itÂfs the game for the strongest ones.
Old Coordinates: 1379,2887, new Coordinates: 1440,2876, man-Eating Spider Queen (LVL 27) - Magical Ocean.Drop: Sheepy Cap, Attendant Gloves, Piercing Dagger, Sharp Blade, Gold Ring, Brass Ring, Fiery Gem, [email protected] you can upload.35 here and when a section is made make your own thread and im sure someone will sticky.NEW drop item: Snowy Snail Monarch Statue.At first, you may not know what it will be like, while gradually unveil its mask, it may turn out to be a fantastic one.Mini Boss monsters can be identified by an aura around.Everything you want all in melee system in Icicle Castle.NEW drop item: Strong Little Deer Statue.If you are a loyal pirate fans, what makes you crazy must be the challenging and funny feature of TOP.Can run sever with Linux, reply With" #24, re: Tales of Pirates Server Files.35/1.36 plz reuload files.35/1.36 links die tanks Reply With" #25 Re: Tales of Pirates Server Files.35/1.36 hello everyone!Drop: Safari Boots, Soft Leather Boots, Axe, Pickaxe, Gold Ring, Necklace of Vitality, Furious Gem, Mooncake.Making you a supper worrior in TOP.Adventure of Three Cities.
If so ill make a report in staff and see if it will get its own section Well I know.35 is working because I have kaspersky internet security 2011 trial reset by box it running :poster_ss:eek6: Reply With" #9 Re: Tales of Pirates Server Files.35/1.36 Originally Posted by Arnie36.36.

Hmm can u post a link to a translating guide?Old Coordinates: 1112,2955, new Coordinates: 1075,2961, berserk Mad Boar (LVL 30) - Ascaron.If you have any question of setup this server you can contact me my msn adress is i can help you to setup this game Reply With" #26 Re: Tales of Pirates Server Files.35/1.36 Pls can anyone upload the backups for the database.Reply With" #21, re: Tales of Pirates Server Files.35/1.36 dont restore just attach to a database dont use top.36 files too buuged and limited.After all without a vessel of some kind how can you conduct a proper sea battle?Black market, buy a piece of mystic weapon from black market.Drop: Tough Gloves, Sheepy Shoes, Axe, Pickaxe, Brass Ring, Moonlight Necklace, Explosive Gem, Mooncake.Im not sure ill be the mod of this section I might I actually like the game but either way im sure it will get a section.Reply With" #27 Re: Tales of Pirates Server Files.35/1.36 The.36 with the registration/license stuff is a totally messed.34 with a virus.
Nice, very very t this post need: A guide to server.35 and.36.
What is the best.35.36?