Star wars bounty hunter game pc

star wars bounty hunter game pc

Works great, didn't need to use software mode i promessi sposi pdf and setting the vu and EE/IOP clamp modes to extra reserve sign rids of any weird glitches where the camera goes through the wall and you can see the meshes and everything.
GameFixes: None, speedHacks: EE - 3, VU - 0, intc ON, WLD ON, IOP ON, mVU Flag ON, mVU Min/Max.
Release date: November 19, (Greatest Hits april 28, 2015 (PS2 Classics windows Status: Playable.Advanced: EE Chop/Zero, None, FtZ ON, DaZ ON; VU Positive, Extra Preserve Sign, FtZ ON, DaZ.During the game, it is revealed why Jango Fett was chosen as the template for the Grand Army of the Republic, how Boba Fett, his cloned "son" was born, and how Jango acquired Slave.Controls: D or arrows- movement, space- grenade, mouse- aim and shot, 1-4- change weapons, F1- help.Very good FPS inspired by Star Wars character Bounty Hunter.You are Jango Fett, the galaxy's most dangerous bounty hunter, hired to hunt down the elusive leader of a mysterious cult-dead or alive.This First-Person Shooter puts you right in control of the best Bounty Hunter the Universe has ever seen, with multiple pinnacle studio activation keys weapons, opponents, environments, and more.Through 18 action-packed levels across six diverse worlds, face off against galactic scum, fearsome beasts, and brutal competition that stand between you and your prey: a deranged dark Jedi.Region ntsc-J: Serial numbers: slps-25252, sLPM-65726 (EA Best Hits).This game doesn't require you to use software mode but I recommend DX9 hardware mode, not DX11.Developer(s LucasArts, publisher(s LucasArts (US, EU, JP Electronic Arts (JP scea (US) Genre: Action, Shooter, Arcade Wikipedia: Link Game review links: IGN :.2/10, Metacritic : 65/100 Game description: The hunt begins.For the galaxy's most wanted, there is no place to hide.Then enable hardware hacks in the plugin settings and enable alpha.
Release date: June 19, 2003, september 16, 2004 (EA Best Hits).
Glaspeylawson Trivia Original names: (slps-25252) (slpm-65726) Also known as Star Wars: Jango Fett (JP) Known Issues Camera moves through some textures and turns grey Status: Active Type: Minor Description: Sometimes the camera in certain areas if you move it it will make some textures.

Hardware hacks enabled, alpha enabled?This hunt will lead you to the darkest corners of the Star Wars universe where no one else has dared to go, but you are the fearless, ruthless, and relentless Jango Fett.Region PAL: Serial numbers: sles-50831, sLES-50832, sLES-50833, sLES-50834, sLES-50835, nPED-00289 (PS2 Classics release date: December 6, 2002.Also set Round mode in EE/IOP to Chop/Zero and for VU nearest.Requirements: pentium processor, 64 MB RAM, 8 MB VGA.Workaround: Go to the Core GS settings and change Round mode to nearest, and clamping mode to Extra preserve sign for VU, and for EE/IOP put claming mode on extra preserve sign, and put round mode on chop/zero.
Star Wars Bounty Hunter, game general and emulation properties: Languages supported: Region ntsc-U: Serial numbers: slus-20420, sLUS-20420GH (Greatest Hits nPUD-20420 (PS2 Classics).