Spss 12.0 for windows

spss 12.0 for windows

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An issue in 12th maths ncert book which exporting data files to Excel with no variable names and no data results in an assertion failure was resolved.The patch will upgrade your existing spss.0 for Windows to version.0.1.Working with data files and databases: * A problem with the save and save AS for pc games racing commands led to lost cases in the system file was fixed.A copy object/paste into Word problem was fixed.Spss.0.1 is an incremental release in which the following changes were made: Overall * Performance was improved, working with Excel: * A problem exporting date/time variables to Excel was repaired.A problem in which dates exported to Excel were off by one day in certain situations was fixed.

A problem publishing charts to SmartViewer Web Server was fixed.A bug in which copying a graph and pasting it Word led to a chart with no data elements on Windows 98 and Windows Me systems was fixed.Working with new graphics: * A bug in graphics in which text was not rotated correctly for Windows Metafiles was fixed.Working with pivot tables: * A bug in which spss vanishes when pivot table column was widened was fixed.Information, web-master, index our site and show results with our quality serials sega mega drive arcade ultimate portable games on your site.An issue in which the native Oracle odbc driver did not work in spss.0 was resolved.This patch should also be applied to spss Grad Pack.0 for Windows and spss Career Starter.0 for Windows.
A problem with setting the data file to read-only in which the permission command did not work was repaired.