Splashtop 2 productivity pack

splashtop 2 productivity pack

B) If your iPad has been JailBroken (JB please kerstin gier silver pdf don't use it to subscribe to the Anywhere Access Pack or to subscribe to the Productivity Pack. .
From iOS devices (It is similar to Android devices.
My Splashtop, and pay for them with a Credit Card or via PayPal. .You could still check the detailed Splashtop Account info on My Splashtop.So I purchased the productivity pack in the assumption that all the options from gamepad hd would be in the pack including the option to play games in full screen mode.Notes: a) It will show "the end date of current subscription" if you had subscribed.In this case (if your iPad has been JailBroken please subscribe directly from our website (m) instead.

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When you see a " satellite " icon on your Streamer, clicking the Streamer will bring you to the Purchase page which contains two buttons, for a 1-year subscription.I'm testing this option but I am unable to play civilization in full screen mode at all.If not, it might cause the subscription to fail, but still get charged by Apple.T-Mobile users: App now works again sorry for the inconvenience!Splashtop 2 " app) from the Apple app store, Mac app store, Google Play, or Amazon store, and want to subscribe to Anywhere Access Pack or Productivity Pack, please follow the instructions below to purchase it:.And now the gamepad thd is not available on the play store anymore. Make sure the Splashtop Personal (Splashtop 2) app on your iPhone/iPod/iPad is v or newer. Make sure you have logged in with the same Apple ID you used to purchase Splashtop 2 (now known as "Splashtop image to sketch photoshop cs5 Personal on your iPhone/iPad/iPod. .Article is closed for comments.1 out of 1 found this helpful.Settings - General - Restrictions - In-App Purchases.