Sms installer script editor

sms installer script editor

If you choose both options, the setup program puts an icon for each option in your Program Files folder.
SMS Installer scans the directory structure, then the Registry,.
Txt br New TextOS is: Windows NT 4 br Line Number0 br end br item: End Block br end br item: End Block br end br item: If/While Statement br Variableminor br Value10 br end br item: If/While Statement br Variablebuild br Value1998 br end.But when you need to distribute applications to existing systems with varied hardware, the difference approach is best.You can also modify file associations and.ini files.The system's hard disk contains certain.dlls that SMS Installer doesn't show as part of the Word installation.Your only limitation is how big you want SMS Installer's difference file.The tabs in the Advanced Configuration dialog box in Screen 7 show the options you can configure.The tabs on this dialog box correspond to the icons in the previous dialog box.SMS Installer can also determine the directory your OS.Moreover, you can distribute several software packages concurrently.But before you distribute the difference file, you must finish configuring the installation attributes.You define this option under the Application tab of the Installation Interface dialog box.Don't uninstall software to return the reference system to its original state.Visual Basic (VB) applications might create problems because your reference system's hard disk probably already contains the applications' runtime libraries, so the libraries don't show up as a difference on SMS Installer's before and after snapshots.M/forums c) m and IT/Dev Connections forums30 Thanks for the info!
You'll want to use these options if they're available.) Letting users jeux de moto 2014 gratuit en ligne install software creates problems if users lack the experience necessary to perform the installation correctly or if you want all users to configure their software the same way.

Distributing Applications After you build the installation file, you need to determine which systems to include on the distribution list (DL).Or can I use the SMS Installer script editor to determine which OS a computer is running, (nt4 or w2k) and install files to a particular directory based on what the OS is?Txt New TextOS is: Windows 95 Line Number0 end item: End Block end item: If/While Statement Variablebuild Value1381 end item: Set Variable Variableosdesc ValueWindows NT 4 end item: Display Message Title EnglishOperating System Information Text EnglishOS Version is: version Text EnglishOS Major Revision is: major.Brian Roadruck RE: RE: SMS Installer script editor (determine OS?) Thursday, November 07, 2002 7:44 PM ( permalink ) Thanks for the info!Value5.0 end, rE: SMS Installer script editor (determine OS?) Wednesday, November 06, 2002 11:56 AM ( permalink i have one that I enhanced a little bit.This title will appear on the installation wizard dialog box when the software installs on a client's computer.