Sims 2 apartment life patch

sims 2 apartment life patch

ETA: fixed, the oracle 10.2 0.0 0 client patches provided in the KhaosIndustries download don't work.
Apartment neighbors of pre-made families are now hidden properly."Dream Date" reward objects can now be picked up in Buy mode on Apartment lots.Sims may now invite their apartment neighbors to house and sports parties.I am currently downloading the patches from SimsVip to see if it is an error with the patch itself, but I'm not holding my breath.Rugs on foundations now disappear correctly when burnt.In Polish, build mode music track list is fixed.Summary: The Sims 2: Apartment Life Patch.
Use the ones provided at SimsVIP instead, AND copy the data from the "compressed" folder in o disk image over.

"SuperTower "Hey Hey It's the Monkey Bars" and "SlidenFraude" (from Go Play!) can now be repossessed by the.Cats and dogs can now chew and scratch Industrious Divinity Dining Chair, Heavy Metal Chair by You Got Muscle and Eloquent Divinity Dining Chairs.Downtown Community lots Similar Sights Sculpture Park and Lulu Lounge no longer are overlapped by buildings.Sims can now ask neighbors they have good relationships with to watch their children when leaving the lot.Patch notes, gradius 2 pc game edit, neighborhood decoration alleys no longer get inappropriately covered in snow.Teens in neighboring apartments will no longer briefly appear both in the car and in their room when asked to sneak out.Sims can no longer be let into neighboring apartments while Freeze Time is in effect.