Safely remove hardware and eject media very slow

safely remove hardware and eject media very slow

But for me this is the smaller issue.
The solution #2: After a long search I eventually I came acros this post where it says: Symptom: Windows 7 Lenovo preload, it will take longer time to show a list for removal device candidates than previous OS, when clicking Show hidden icons from task.
As a workaround I disabled the snmp Status Enabled option of the TCP/IP printer ports.
The solution #1: The real solution for this would be if Microsoft would provide a patch that network printers are not taken in account when building the list of ejectable devices (which makes no sense anyway).I've just run into an identical-looking problem following an update of all out-of-date drivers on my system.You can do this as follows: Open the Devices and Printers control panel.Click the Ports tab, for each port where the description says Standard TCP/IP Port, click Configure Port and disable the option snmp Status Enabled.It carries various icon data and resource data for displaying in some managing process such as defining printers.The only disadvantage of disabling snmp status checking is that the printer control panel does not indicate the connection state of the network printers anymore.I thank you again for your prompt reply, however, this solution is not working for.The problem #1: When Windows tries to build the list of ejectable devices it also seems to scan all configured printers unfortunately this does not only include local printers connected via USB but also network printers.There are lots of files for national language support of the Windows in usually.Cause of the issue: Windows 7 will start to scan some files in folders when click Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media.Many thanks to all you helpful people out there!
Depends on your computing environment, there may be some language folders never used.

I have no idea what it does, nor even whether it is something actually needed on my system.The problem #2: Unfortunately the described solution did not work on all of my machines (especially Lenovo ThinkPads).Note: en-US folder should not be removed.Voilá, the Safely Remove Hardware pop-up menu appears in a snap again!For this I would like to know whether such command is possible, thus the command which will bring the menu that I get when I right click the system tray icon.Due to this scanning process, it takes times to prepare a list of devices.At least for my system configuration I now seem to have found a working solution.Since house of hades full ebook I am working from different locations not all network printers are reachable all the time.
I then scoured through Device Manager and eventually located the culprit, which is described as 'Memory technology driver' and is made by the JMicron Technology Corp.