Rome total war 2 patch 12

rome total war 2 patch 12

Fixed an issue where an ambushing army would move at the start of the turn.
I guess wooden walls count too.Fixed a bug which prevented armies of only one unit from being able to hide on the battlefield.Not worth the headache until it's 90 to 95 fixed.An alternative bear pelt has been applied to Germanic Berserkers who don't wear helmets under their pelts, so the top of the hairline is no longer visible.Richard Head: I've not bought this game due to all the crapty reviews in spite of owning all TW games in the past.Player-controlled ambushing armies can now use deployables in ambush battles.Forming a confederation no longer causes rebel armies in regions owned by the confederating factions to be absorbed into the confederation.Various improvements to battle-unit banner icons.Maybe this is a stupid question but i'm new to Rome.
Would have liked to seen if they still try to burn the gates instead of climbing the ladders/towers They probs.

Arevaci, Lusitani and Syracuse civil-war factions minimap and unit card colours have been corrected.Usability Improvements Battle Fixed a rare bug where fire sound-effects would play after a battle had finished, and could be heard over the victory menu.Added new Eastern Horse and Hellenic Heavy Horse variants.Naval units no longer attempt to reinforce ambush battles.Patch 12 - build: 10877.535502, technical and performance improvements: Global, fix for squares appearing on certain areas of battle and campaign terrain when using nvidia SLI configs.All my mods are un-updated!Alessandro Ballarin: where can be downloaded?They don't pick them up again and get javed to death trying to burn the gates in smallish groups.MrSyco07: Shouldn't have given them they battering ram.Mark: I date production in pakistan wanted to test this beta but im worried that it would ruin my game so how do I remove the beta once patch 12 comes out?Hidden income bonus for African and Arabian factions removed.
General battle improvements, improvements to certain units in unit groups who would fail to pathfind effectively when ordered to attack units in different areas (in very specific/rare cases on the battlefield).
Fixed several cases where multiplayer battles could take place on very steep hills or mountains.