Quake 3 arena mods

quake 3 arena mods

Zip This is the model package, just put the pk3-file in the baseq3 folder.
Freeze Tag.4 Teamplay modification for Q3A where must freeze enemy and thaw teammates to win (for Team Arena too!) IF Quake.2 Alpha - Mac IF Quake is a recreation of id Software's Quake using the Inform programming language.SidrialTC_Patch_1_1.zip List of Changes for the Sidrial Total Conversion Last update Version.0.1 hud files automatically loaded when you change cg hudFiles Q3Pinball.0.0 Demo You can now watch Q3Pinball in action with no need to have the mod installed!This is still a beta build and we always want to hear about any bugs that we might have QuakeFu QuakeFu.4.9b for Quake 7_eternalarena40.zip eternal arena Website: m/ea installation Unzip all the files into /quake3/eternalarena folder, or where you installed quake3, then choose.The first player to exit the map wins that level, and gets the most points.There are still a number of new features and enhancements including a new improve HUD and some reques F4A for.16n F4A is the continuation of my Freeze For All mod.If you already have another version of Q3:TC installed, we recommend to delete the current q3tc folder under your Q3A path and make a fresh install.God Fathers 2 for Q3A God Fathers was a FFA modification to Kingpin which introduced the idea of levels, everyone started with a pistol and some ammo, and slowley worked their way up to have a load of armour and a very big gun.Fury To keep this simple, Fury is simply Quake gone crackhead.Q3A Wyrm 3 Features roll-your-own classes and offers class support for bots as well as players.They big dummy guide to the as400 pdf want the BFG.

Q3Comp.26b A server mod designed to provide anything a player or admin could want.Tanks and Rogues v Server Files This is the second release of Tanks and Rogues.Q3-Geoball Beta This is our first Beta release with 2 Maps, Concrete and toxin.Accelerated Rocket Reload/Fire.It has similar function to the popular L-Fire CTF match mod for.Teams will battle in realistic environments to control strategic locations which generate score.
Zip Urban Terror beta.5 February 23 2002 This is the readme file for release.5 beta of Urban Terror.