Parasite eve the 3rd birthday cso

parasite eve the 3rd birthday cso

I went out and I bought the game a few months after launch.
It's more stupid than this games title.
As far as replay value, they added some god awful slutty outfits to visual boy advance pc coolrom have poor Aya wear like a cheap hooker.They felt stiff and were hard to manage.Kyle just went around spouting stupid * and running at the mouth about the things that didn't make sense.None of the characters from either two games make appearance from the game expect the Eve, Kyle, and the Japanese scientist, Madea.I don't rate games a two very often and I usually save them from games that are completely broken, but honestly I could never recommend this game to any Parasite Eve fan.I love the characters, the story, the world and the gameplay.The voice acting is abysmal and all the characters were extremely drama induced and I feel like was watching a horrible soap opera.I thought moving Aya's soul from person to person was a cool idea.
Or at least I think they were.
I was left very angry and disappointed.

They butchered Aya, the characters, and the story.How can Eve go through time and better yet how can she put her conscience in another person's?!The high ones and them being made cause Eve and Aya switched bodies and Eve being able to go through time and some crap!Words cannot express how much I truly hate this game.The story so ridiculous and far fetched I swear to go that a five year old wrote it with crayons!All it was was disgusting fan service and give cheap thrills to lonely nerds.It was one of the few constructive ideas.There are so many that's that don't make sense and are never explained, like why did Aya get gunned down in her own wedding by swat members!?!It was a masterpiece for my fourteen year old mind back laravel application development cookbook pdf in 1998 and to this day it holds a very special place in my heart.The controls for this game were horrible.The camera was something else that got on my nerves cause it was a pain in the ass to get it in the right direction at times.