Openoffice 3.3 for windows 7 64 bit

openoffice 3.3 for windows 7 64 bit

Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Konqueror/14.0; Linux) khtml/tdehtml/14.0.0 (like Gecko) (Debian) Explanation: Konqueror.0 on Ubuntu under Trinity Desktop Environment (TDE) which is a fork of KDE (at version.5).
String from Matt Emson - thanks.
Following power iso for windows 7 full version explanation of browser geneology from Robert Johnson "Safari uses, and Apple helps develop khtml (which is what Konqueror embeds).String from Heather Benjamin - thanks.Possible answer also from Lewis is Secure IE (surprise, surprise).Will also run on the following hardware: AmigaOne or OS4 capable hardware, Pegasos I and II, Amigas, Amithlon, or platforms such as PC, MAC and others using a version of UAE for Amiga emulation (hardware update from Scott W - thanks) IBrowse/2.4 (AmigaOS.9; 68K).Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Konqueror/3.1; Linux.4.20) Explanation: Konqueror/KDE Version.1 on Linux (note this gives kernel version number).String from Alexander Kozak - thanks.Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Konqueror/3.1; Linux.4.19-32mdkenterprise; X11; i686; ar, en_US) Explanation: Fully loaded browser id from Konqueror on KDE.1 on Linux Mandrake.0 under X windows.String from Juan Sotillo - thanks.String from Deyan Marvov - thanks.Anyone recognize the DIL0001021 in this string: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; msie.0; Windows.1; DIL0001021) String from John Dobson.Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; msie.0; Windows.1; WOW64; Trident/4.0; GTB6.5; slcc2;.NET CLR.0.50727;.NET CLR.5.30729;.NET CLR.0.30729; Media Center.0; hpdtdf;.NET4.0C; Crazy Browser.0.5) Explanation: Crazy Browser.Browser string used by Maxima, which is a Common Lisp implementation of MIT's Macsyma of computer algebra system, when accessing web pages.Axel Kollmorgen and Eugene Sadhu suggest that connectix virtual pc for mac it is most likely EasySearchBar (ESB - geddit).

If you think you know what they are drop us an email and we'll add an explanation.String from Daniel Gardner - Thanks.Since its all Java based it may be a development of the origonal HotJava browser which I thought was great (eh!) for its time.Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv:1.8) Gecko/20051111 Firefox/1.5 bavm/1.0.0 Explanation: The UA string from Firefox inside VMWare's Browser Appliance.Browser supplied with JBuilder.Ubuntu APT-http/1.3 (ubuntu2) Explanation: Ap-get.7.23 on Linux Mint.Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Konqueror/3.4; FreeBSD) khtml/3.4.3 (like Gecko) Explanation: Konqueror/KDE Version.4.3 on FreeBSD.4 on the 386.Anyone recognize the 'AT T CMS7.0'in this string: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; msie.0; Windows.0; AT T CSM7.0;.NET CLR.0.3705;.NET CLR.1.4322; Hotbar.6.1) String from Brantley Harris.String from Phil Hibbs - thanks.Previous versions used the full Mozilla build (now seamonkey).
String from Eric Bowman - thanks Epiphany Pre.x Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv:1.4) Gecko/20030704 Epiphany/0.9.2 Explanation: Epiphany.9.2 on Linux.
Opera/9.80 (J2ME/midp; Opera Mini/4.2.13221/25.623; U; en) Presto/2.5.25 Version/10.54 Explanation: Opera Mini.2.13221 (Opera.54 base) on a Blackberry whatsit.