One piece episode 614

one piece episode 614

Luffy and Momonosuke finally got out of the garbage chute and immediately ran into Caesar's subordinates who quickly recognize Luffy.
When Tashigi notices Shusui, both she and Zoro are still in the Biscuits Room while in the manga, they already left the room.
While exiting the Biscuits Room, Zoro and Tashigi pass by a small doll that interactive biology multimedia courseware mitosis resembles Mocha.
Chopper, Nami and Robin try to fend off the children but they manage to break through them making Mocha leave herself with no choice but to eat the candy.To Save Her Friends!Thank you so much!Earlier, Chopper attempted to close off the door to help Mocha escape with the candy but Mocha hesitated.Direction - Fumi Komaki, eyecatcher, chopper - One Piece Logo, format 16:9 (hdtv).Title, to Save Her Friends!In a flashback, Chopper is holding off the children by closing the door while Mocha is supposed to run away.

Mocha wants to sacrifice herself for her friends.Share: WCO Player, loading.Mocha Runs at the Risk of Her Life!TV Rating.7, rank 4 "I'll Protect My Friends!Contents show, short Summary, edit, mocha is running away with the candy so the children won't be able to get their hands on it and eat.Long Summary, edit Mocha runs away with the candy while the children are on hot pursuit.Click here and clear your browser cache.
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She eats the candy and Chopper watches with a shocked expression.