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So the PC above is within about 1/40s of correct time!
NTP will not function otherwise.Be sure to allow ntpd.Right click and go to properties of ntpd.This costs about 25 (US 35) including the magnetic puck antenna and USB lead, so it is unlikely to break the bank! .Patrick O'Keeffe reports : I installed NTP.2.8 on a domain-controlled Windows 7 Professional x64 machine today and I have feedback for your NTP setup troubleshooting section.For a low-cost device, I recommend the Sure Electronics GPS evaluation board, and I have written up a page on how to use the Sure board. .Install the compiler to the default location, unless you are tight on space on the system drive.In the screenshot, NTP has been running for less than a minute, and hence only made contact once with each server. .
Start by downloading the Visual C compiler. .

Exe -U 3 -M -g -c "C:nf" I asked Martin Burnicki why some of those parameters are included. .(January 2014) I would like to support the NTP project.You should get output similar to the display below. .Symptoms may include the PC keeping time correctly until some CPU-intensive activity is commenced.People sometimes ask why they should use this NTP software, rather than the W32Time service built into Windows, or other so-called "atomic time" programs.You should keep the Internet servers as a backup, though, in case your local NTP server fails or loses GPS lock or whatever. .Drift was limiting at its negative extreme).On the Services tab (click to sort by name again check that the W32Time service is Stopped.Now double-click on one of the NTP events, in particular those with an Error status and the red cross.I have had one report that on a Windows-XP/64 installation, using right-click, Run as Administrator was required, otherwise the account created for NTP had insufficient privileges. .Drift" # Use NTP servers from the ntp pool windows update failed code 1 project (see http www.
There is no need for this setting as NTP does a much better job, indeed - this box must be unchecked for NTP to work correctly.