Make openoffice writer landscape

make openoffice writer landscape

The basic commands are; Bring to Front, Send to back, Forward One and Back One.
For best results set the shadow Colour to Black and raise the transparency between 60-70.
Measure the width and length of the space the footer will occupy (to match footers on portrait pages).
The text will also need to be moved away from the Text box edges so the Spacing to Borders option is necessary.Creating custom colours based on colours in the image is a great way to limit your colour scheme and tie all elements together (see the Impress section on Drawing Shapes to learn about creating and adding colours to the pallet).Several Heart shapes contain just a border with no fill and are placed in empty spots to help emphasize the Valentine's Day dvd u2 360 iso theme.Right-click a page style and choose.Text Animation The Text Animation tab has animation options for scrolling the text in the box.Since all the text will be placed in Text boxes (or Frames if you are familiar with them) the margins won't have much bearing on the poster as you won't be typing between them.The "greyed out" options are only available for Drawing shapes.In order to have the text horizontally centred in as shown here the Full width options needs to be deselected.Alternatively, you can insert a manual page break.Click the, page Styles icon.Spacing: Expanded - increases the spacing between each letter (by points).Spinning UP creates a positive number and moves the Crop box away from a picture's edge into the image.Type tab (Figure 115) and enter the width, height, and horizontal and vertical position for the footer.
Leaving the background image to the last will alleviate the selecting problem and makes placing objects on the page easier.
As shown in this illustration you can not just stretch a landscape shaped image down to fit in a portrait shaped page without severely distorting the image.

As always its a good idea to test out some of the transparencies before the poster is finished.Since the Drawing tool set already includes a Heart shape drawing tool, it makes sense to incorporate some drawing Hearts to tie the theme closer together.Size - Protects the size of an image so that it can not be resized.For images the, protect option is found in the, picture dialogue box: picture - options - protect.As shown here the image has been modified into a Portrait shape and then stretched to fit the Text Boundary box of the page yielding little or no distortion of the image.If the transparencies, or the document itself, doesn't print the way it looks on screen you can always try exporting it as a PDF.The new page style initially gets all properties of the selected page style.Therefore it becomes obvious that only a part of the image can be used.Working with Objects, selecting Objects.The Frame Tool The Frame tool is part of the Basic Shapes drawing tools.
Click the escape key to turn the Frame tool off.