General knowledge quiz 2012 india

general knowledge quiz 2012 india

Which hunger games a minecraft parody is the largest Open University in India?
Shivaji Ganeshan in Naavratri.Kkr Think you know more about this quiz!What name Urdu poet and litterateur Raghupati Sahay is better known?241.Who was the first woman minister in India?Who was the first woman president of Indian National Congress?367.Which State Road Transport Corporation is the largest in India?What was the first cinemascope film in color?West Bengal The venom of which snake is the most dangerous?Sanghamitra, the first woman missionary and daughter of Ashoka was also known as what?Against which country India played her first one-day international?

Which Indian lawyer, a member of viceroys executive council was the first president of Indian council of world affairs?How do we better know the boxer Cassius Marcellus Clay?Who was the last Indian to be sent to gallows on a forgery charge?Sri Lanka The picture of which leaf would you find in the flag of Canada?Who was known as the father of hydrogen bomb: Andrei Sakharov.Right now it is 1100.Third (1962) 188.Whom did Mr arasimha Rao defeat by a record margin of 5,80,297 in 1991 by election from Nandyal constituency?Robert Powell (of Boer war fame).Who located Darjeeling proper in 1829?
Name Indias first woman music director: Jadan Bai ( Nargis mother).