Game bot coc 4.1.1

game bot coc 4.1.1

Untuk Pengaturan DeadBase Condition atur Jumlah Gold 150.000 dan Jumlah Elixir.
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Bot GUI controls are enabled when app or emulator are closed.
Share Artikel ini ke teman-teman Kamu ya, Berbagi itu Indah kog.Improve bot log not changing font of existing logged text.Fix Dead Base smart attack always enabled, now operates based on GUI setting.Changed return home delay to dynamic loop, reversed hero drop order to optimize for TH10/11, and reduce delays between drop activation.Fix Profile handling for fresh bot install and deleting existing profile.Adds X-Bow, Inferno, and Eagle defense options.

Improve drop trophy cycle time when using hero to reduce damage received.Troops Pilih : BaA, delay Unit 1 Wave 1, itulah 3 Tahap Settingan saya untuk Semua Town Hall.Upgrades during locate are marked with yellow circle.New scroll to waters and zoom-out ADB scripts for slower computer.Fix Android True Background Mode screencap when temp. Bot checks Clan Castle remaining time till next donation and will reduce "close CoC" time to help keep CC full.
Fix pause behavior when stopped in pause state and started again.