Focus 1.6 ecoboost 180 tuning

focus 1.6 ecoboost 180 tuning

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Need more Power than 340?With Stock Fiesta Power Upgrade kits ranging from the Stage 1 at 225-230bhp, a top of the line stock turbo Stage 2R at 235-245bhp to a mind blowing X-47 Plus Hybrid Turbo powered 343bhp we have the kit and the equipment to make your.Turbo HP 165 HP 300 NM 400 NM Ford Mondeo.0 TDCi 130bhp HP 160 HP 330 NM 380 NM Ford Mondeo.0 TDCi 130bhp HP 160 HP 320 NM 385 NM Ford Mondeo.0 TDCi 136bhp HP 175 HP 320 NM 400 NM Ford.Testing time is over!Against many other ST Fiesta, we had the.Why not try the the, garrett GTX28 Turbo range with Power all the way to 380bhp.To reach the Magic 400 power level we invested in some state of the art 5 injector setup and Water Meth Injection.225-230 bhp cormen 3rd edition pdf 240-245 bhp 280-305 bhp (X-37).96 Drag time 330-345 bhp (X-47).84 Drag time ; 360-425 bhp, the GTX 2860 kit finds the limit of the Stock ST Fiesta Fuel system.Original, tuned, original, tuned, ford B-Max.0 EcoBoost 100bhp 2012 - 100 HP 145 HP 170 NM 240 NM, ford B-Max.0 EcoBoost 120bhp 2012 - 120 HP 140 HP 200 NM 240 NM, ford B-Max.0 EcoBoost 125bhp 2012 - 125 HP 145.Please click the Blue bar below to see the associated hardware the Pumaspeed team have selected to work best at each power level.Workshop Fitted Remaps, tuning Boxes, turbo Kits.Fastest Standard Turbo car dvdfab passkey patch with.5 second run, and the fastest Hybrid Turbo car with.97 second run X-27 Hybrid Turbo.From a fast point to point road car to a full blown 350bhp track car, the Pumaspeed Team car deliver the very best power you can find.Performance Gains /Ford Ecu Remapping, ford B-Max, model.

Filters - Cold Air Induction, filters - Panel, service - Workshop Fitted.Cooling - Water - Radiators, engine - Complete packages, exhausts Other Brands.You asked for proof, so eager to please the Pumaspeed team took 2 trips to Santa Pod Raceway with their 245R with 217whp and a month later with the X-27 300bhp Hybrid Turbo Equipped Track Car.Original, tuned, original, tuned, ford C-Max.0 EcoBoost 100bhp HP 145 HP 170 NM 240 NM, ford C-Max.0 EcoBoost 100bhp 2015 - 100 HP 145 HP 170 NM 240 NM, ford C-Max.0 EcoBoost 125bhp HP 145 HP 200 NM 240 NM Ford C-Max.Pumaspeed have been busy with the 3 Demo ST Fiesta, each car has undergone rigorous product testing and development of hardware and maxd-OUT software to give you the very best available performance upgrades.Ford XR5 ST and RS performance parts and tuning.# KB Download BMW 323i, 328i, 328xi, 335i Sedan Owner's Manual Part.