First testament of the illuminati pdf

first testament of the illuminati pdf

From, illuminatiam: The First Testament Of The Illuminati.
If only all humans could see that barriers between belief libro 50 sombras de grey pdf or geography or skin are of no importance to the perpetuation of their species.You will not find us praised in any history book or document, though the Illuminati has helped shape every major movement on this planet since the first human government was established.Hope is in the distance.There will always be a voice that tells you this is not real, no matter how quietly it may whisper.Before you read any further, you must understand with greatest severity that everything inside this book is either true or cannot be safely divulged at this time.
The Illuminati holds you, a citizen of our shared planet, in the highest esteem.
You may never fully comprehend our purpose and why you are safest and happiest with.

Every human desires to be free of oppression, free of hardship, free of poverty, free of hunger, free of rules and laws but as you understand, the nature of your species leaves true freedom impossible.Your ancestors lived through the darkness of night but your descendants will live in the Abundance of the new dawn.Not even the worlds most powerful leaders can alter planetary law.However, the majority of those who read this book will do nothing.Though your countries have borders and your languages have barriers, all people in all places are members of the same biological family.Freedom is an idol of the human species.