Far cry 1 cheats pc

far cry 1 cheats pc

Once you get it, go to an enemy outpost Kapal Outpost" to the east of the village is recommended).
When the waypoint is 50 feet away, aim a little bit over the enemy's head and throw the spear.
Go inside the cave to see the purple skeleton of a blood dragon and get the "Mark 4 Wenja" achievement.When the waypoint is 70 feet away, aim a little bit over the enemy's head and shoot the arrow.How to Unlock: Head West of the Burning Spear Bonfire, and start looking to the south of the stones near the waterway.Spirit Totems 4, how to Unlock: Head North from gothic 2 full game Snow Shwald's outpost until you find a huge rock in your path.Every 10 above 60 people: 2 bonus experience points, caps.To Check the Exact Map Location and the other Collectibles in Far Cry Primal, check out our Ultimate Collectible Guide.

How to Unlock: Head North-west of the Izila's sacrificial altar in Blajiman Stones, head there and grab this little totem.Village bonuses: Get the village's population to grow to the following number of people to receive the corresponding reward: 20 people: 1 bag of weapon resources and food.Save and Start Playing.Spirit Totems 10, how to Unlock: Head East of the Hold Rock Bonfire, you will find a water hole so keep following it until you get inside the small chamber.Far Cry 4 Xbox 360 Cheats.Alternate Ending #1 cheat for Far Cry 4 on Xbox 360.The early outposts work best because the enemies do not have any armor and will die in one hit from the spear.Spirit Totems 5, how to Unlock: Head North-east of Stone Shadow Camp, then head behind the waterfall and obtain the totem from the top of the rock.You can try collecting them while running as well.