Editorial style sheet template

editorial style sheet template

Sample Style Sheet for Academic Editing.
Your future publisher will notice that youve paid attention to consistency in your document, and that can only bode well for you in the acquisitions (or peer-review) process.
After downloading, unzip the macro template using.
List hyphenated words or unusual compound words. List abbreviations.Download Go2Text.0 for Microsoft Word.You'll find instructions on how to use the macro here.Style sheets inform writers and editors about spelling, punctuation, and capitalization practices so a manuscript can be consistent within itself as well as match the style of the publication.Remember that the style sheet is an aid for consistency.If youve got another column option, feel free to include. Spell out the rules for using numerals and words for numbers.If so, you could probably use NameSwapper, which swaps last names alien skin exposure 4 keygen only and first names (or vice versa, if that makes sense) in a list of names.Download SpaceCadet.0 for Microsoft Word.Even if its pretty basic, a style sheet will streamline your process.But it can be highly useful for both writers and editors, especially as a writing project nears completion. Show how contractions will be used, if theyll be used.
List any limits on curse words, either by word or use by specific characters.

I also use style sheets when Im writing and revising my own scholarship.Are any contractions unacceptable?Writers, you might not want to start your style sheet until after youve written the first draft.To create a reference document so that anyone working on the manuscript can see exactly how words should be spelled or capped or hyphenated or abbreviated.This macro will take you exactly where you want to go, quickly and easily.The writer can use the style sheet as a guide to the edits Ive made and as a crib sheet for cleaning up future documents even before theyre edited.It must be said, however, that no style sheet is a replacement for a style guide or mastery thereof.A style sheet is simply a statement and a reflection of the style standards and practices of a publisher of newspapers, books, or magazines.This free tutorial (a Word document) will take you step by step through what you need to know.The bottom section may have two or three or four different-sized boxes.