Dragon ball z episode 125

dragon ball z episode 125

I've got to get in shape for a battle against two killer androids, and buzzcut bingo players zippy Chi-Chi's (Starts gurgling his words as his mouth sinks below the water) gonna kill me if I don't get my driver's license!" Goku : (After passing Piccolo on the road) Eat.
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Goku : (After crashing the car into a river) So how long before I get my driver's license?Kekkai Sensen Beyond, houseki no Kuni (TV).Enmusubi no Youko-chan, love Live!Gohan is shown in a pond, where he catches a fish that is almost twice his size.Goku is stuck with an elderly man who can barely even open a car door, while Piccolo is put with a young woman with a serious case of road rage.When Goku and Gohan take off their clothes and give them to Chi-Chi so that they can take a bath, she starts yelling about how they want her to wash their clothes and cook dinner at the same time.Goku carries the bus back to safety, and they return to the instructors, who are applauding them.After Goku's plan fails, both he and Piccolo jump into action.Piccolo held the bus while Goku destroys all the falling boulders with one of his attacks.Chi-Chi orders both Goku and Piccolo to go to Driving School to get their licenses, or they will be forced to cook their own meals from then.
Dragon Ball Z, episode 125.

Its original American air date was September 13, 2000.quot;s Goku : (To Piccolo) You can't drive, can you?Although, according to Dende, Namekians only drink water and do not eat food or meat, although it is possible that Namekians can eat, but they just do not need.Goku attempts to stop the bus with his car by ramming.Dragon Ball Z (Dub) Episode 126 Leave a comment!Piccolo : Was that a challenge?!February 5, games straight to ps4 1992, english airdate, september 13, 2000 fUNimation version).Dragon Ball Z series.Click to show/hide Episode Summary, chi-Chi wants a car!After crashing both of their cars in the middle of a race, they naturally fail, but are given one last chance.And Goku and Piccolo must take a day off from training to enroll in driving school.
Then, he asks if they can have it for dinner while a nearby Piccolo says they had been having fish for two weeks straight.
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