Double check valve installation home

double check valve installation home

CAP, bODY, figure 1 - DC-4, double check valve (shuttle type).
Valve type, wafer type check valve: double disc check valve, piston lift check valve, usage and Feature.
The check valve must be vertical installed in the aclinic pipes.The air flow continues out the delivery port of the double check valve.Double Check Valve Assembly Application.A check valve is a type of valve that allows fluids to flow in one direction but closes solitaire master 3 for windows 7 automatically to prevent flow in the opposite direction (backflow).Installation Instructions Kooks 2 Valve 4 Valve Mustang Thank you for your purchase, we appreciate your business Do not attempt this installation.If this flash steam then flows into a return line that contains sub-cooled condensate at a much lower temperature, an instant collapse (condensing) of the flash steam will occur as it gives off its latent heat to the condensate, and water hammer may result.The screw keep tie and balance.
Note: Depending on piping configuration after the steam trap, back flow can also occur in open lines if equipment goes to vacuum or if there is positive pressure from a too small vent or pipe rise which can cause unwanted return line pressure.

Additionally, it should be noted that if a check valve is installed at the outlet of a trap operating under an extremely large operating differential pressure, the check valve itself becomes a point of resistance (i.e., the check valve has a pressure drop as well.The beginning of a vertical rise).The Double Check Backflow Prevention Assembly shall be certified to NSF/ansi 61, asse Listed 1015, and supplied 0 Pages 0 0 B 0 Downloads.After fix the screw.Epoxy coated wye type.In contrast, when there is a single downward sloping pipe that is not submerged at any point, there is almost no possibility of backflow, so a check valve is not necessary.4 1/2 114 7 1/ / / / KB 0 Downloads.