Desktop games miroslav nemecek

desktop games miroslav nemecek

Zip titanic v97.04 - DBF file fixer by Branislav Stofko bsaugif6.zip autogif - Create an M file containing links to all picture files in the current directory bsbatul2.zip Collection of Batch Utilities for msdos by ofko bsbrows0.zip browser - Database browser by ofko (in Slovak).
Zip ST Precislovanie.7.2001 - Slovak phone prefix renumbering database by Lubos Chobor stderr10.zip StdErr to file.0 for DOS - TSR for redirection of error messages to file by Henrich Fukna strojpis.Zip How old you are in days - Util by Ladislav Vegh db_edit.Zip Hladaj svoju lasku - Slovak software for testing partners compatibility by Sibilas Black latch31.zip latch.1 - Tool for emulation of COM and LPT devices by Henrich Fukna lentilky.Zip Kerner - Program for communication in IPX nets by Tomas Blazicek knihjazd.Utility for simplified browsing internet pages containing ID string in the address by Iwik nicexcal.Exe aSc Timetables ver.2004 - School timetable generator by Applied Software Consultants (international version) astroexp.Zip 101 changes in Windows registry in PDF format - Set of recommended registry changes by Peter Weis (in Slovak) 6x86clip.Zip Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator by Peter Hlavacka bmi10.zip BMI.0 - Body Mass Index Calculator by Tomas Palenik bmm.#InternationalWomensDay /kaupybSHQq 14:43:09 Starbucks: before and after the refugee statement The brand had a 34x increase in Follower Growth in just 1 day.Zip Basic Masters Updated RAR file list by Vladimir Stepanek rating.Game for Win9x/NT by aSc (Slovak version) boot_2r0.zip Boot Manager.0 by Marek Gresko bootchk.Exe Slovak and Czech Namedays Reminder for Win32 by aSc meniny.Exe Matematika - Elementary mathematics trainer for Win9x by holdysoftware mathics.
Zip DanielSoft Editor.4 for Win9x - Notepad replacement by Daniel Novotny delete.
Exe LUsoft Multimedia Viewer.1 - Image, text and multimedia viewer for Win32 by Lukas Catman Uher vm32_11.zip Vypocet Mzdy.1 - Salary calculator by Martin Mucha vrc11.zip Virtual Commander.1 - HD/FD catalogizer by Jozef Srpon vypinani.

Rar Delete - Advanced command line file/dir deleting util for Win9x/NT by Jan Jakub demosrc1.rar Some demo sources for beginners in TPascal.0 by Martin Otto demosrc2.rar Some demo sources for beginners in 386 ASM by Martin Otto demosrc3.rar Some demo sources for beginners.Homepage download - 11 MB Sonic Zone 2003 by Falko Ritschel homepage download -.4 MB Invaders.0 1996 (no sounds) by James Eibisch homepage download - 40 KB InvaderX 1998 (sounds!) by Andy Miles homepage download - 126 KB Space Invaders 1995.Rar Shaper - Utility for creating non-polygonal forms under Win32 C by Marian Ilecko ships20.zip Ships.0 - Logical game for DOS by Ludovit Fulop showtime.Zip SysTuner Light - Tiny Win95-XP tweaker by Michal Strehovsky motor racing games bike tagmn102.zip TAG Manager.02 - TAG handling util by Michal Ivan taput104.zip ZX-Spectrum TAP format utils.04 by Slavo Labsky tc277.rar Text Chilli - Collection of texts by Michal Dekanek (in Slovak) tcopy.Homepage, download -.6 MB, battle Field 2004 by Denis Grachyov, homepage, download -.1 MB, berzerk 2005 by Clare Jonsson homepage download - 6 MB Berzerk 3D 2006 by Neil King and Paul Dawson homepage download - 9 MB BIB2 2006 by Logic Soft.Exe Plugin module for SM-Diar containing Czech towns ZIP database psc_sk.Zip DKrypt.3 - Tool for file encyption/decryption by Drakko dnplus.Zip Rgb.1.0 - Color mixer by Miroslav Jurek rl3pack.Zip Meniny.0 - Namedays reminder by DIP Software mergeit.