Dell equallogic host integration tools for vmware

dell equallogic host integration tools for vmware

HIT/VMware includes the following tools that integrate into the familiar vSphere running man episode 76 english sub client interface, helping you to easily manage day-to-day storage operations: - Auto- Snapshot Manager/VMware Edition (ASM/VE) - Datastore Manager - Virtual Desktop Deployment Utility - Multipath I/O (mpio delivered as a separate download - .
Written by Shanky Chandra Gowri - Product Marketing Manager for EqualLogic.
EqualLogic SRM/SRA.0 integrates SAN-based replication feature with VMware SRM.0 making failback rapid, manageable and reliable.
After releasing, sAN Headquarters.2.0 yesterday, we are now pleased to announce the release the new EqualLogic Host Integration Tools for VMware (HIT/VMware).1.1 vSphere Plugin.This is turning out be an exciting week!You can also view the EqualLogic storage array events and alarms for critical events related to space, capacity allocation and accessibility from the vSphere.Streamlined management of access control helps you in better securing your data.This version brings support for VMware vSphere.0 and other new features in HIT/VMware.HIT/VMware.1.1 also supports enhanced manuale del perfetto testimone management of access control (ACL) policies for datastores.If you have not registered on the EqualLogic Support website, go to the.Tight integration with vSphere Storage DRS benefits you with optimal performance gains by leveraging DRS load balancing and EqualLogic load balancing capabilities, thereby ensuring a better solution with VMware and EqualLogic.Lets take a deeper look at some of these features.Enhanced datastore management: HIT/VMware.1.1 makes it easy for VMware customers to snap, replicate and clone datastore clusters.Support for VMware vSphere.0: HIT/VMware.1.1 supports VMware vSphere.0 on EqualLogic storage.You can follow me on twitter at @ShankyAtDell.Advanced Integration with vSphere Storage APIs (vasa) and vSphere Storage Dynamic Resource Scheduling (DRS With advanced integration with vasa and DRS, you now have an end-to-end storage capability view of the EqualLogic storage within the vSphere user interface (UI).
This helps you better allocate and manage storage, all from a familiar interface.
Check out this video overview of the new features.

Customers with an active support contract can download HIT/VMware.1.1 vSphere Plugin and EqualLogic SRM/SRA.0.0 from the.Enhanced HIT/VMware upgrade process: Upgrades to newer versions of HIT/VMware can now be performed with the click of a button.HIT/VMware.1.1 provides you with enhanced storage visibility and datastore management as well as improved performance and availability through tight integration with VMware vSphere.0, vSphere Storage APIs (vasa vSphere Storage Dynamic Resource Scheduling (DRS) and VMware vCenter SRM.Support site registration page to create an account.All datastores in a cluster can be backed up in one shothelping you save time and space.EqualLogic SRM/SRA.0Support for VMware SRM.0: VMware SRM.0 now supports failback.You can benefit from the advanced features in VMware vSphere.0 on your EqualLogic arrays.This saves time and administrative overhead.HIT/VMware includes a comprehensive set of tools that provide tight integration of EqualLogic PS Series arrays with VMware for enhanced protection, performance and management.These are in addition to the functionality that is inherent in EqualLogic firmware which optimizes EqualLogic in VMware environments.
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