Darkest hour 1.03 patch

darkest hour 1.03 patch

Improved province tooltip on Economy map mode to include max produced resources of any kind (only current and base values shown before).
Connection between Cheboksary (672) and Kazan (675) made impassable.
Txt setting with puppets joining the alliance, but not joining any ongoing wars.Fixed bug with dissent and belligerence hits and cost from DoW not recorded on clients in MP games if the DoWed country joins a major alliance.Added resources production penalty to Professional Army policy slider, equal to the IC penalty.Radar techs set to provide night and rain attack bonuses to naval radars.Fixed a bug in intelligence report preventing most distinguished active military commander to be reported.Fixed issue with false leader gains new trait message.Added more units to Finland in 19cenarios.Changed embargo command syntax to accept current country too.Note: Mods that use own version of that string must be updated!
Turned "Surrender events - Japan surrenders to China" decision to event and removed the nonsensical trigger in the second action.
Improved convoy system: - Allow supply convoys to start at and resource convoys to end to province controlled by a friendly nation - Cancel convoys with invalid paths (like enemy controlled strait on the way).

Added discrete norton 360 product key 2013 generator Medium armor, Floatplane, Light CAG, Amph.Fixed a cosmetic issue with land unit speed shown under leader picture (it was 25 higher then the real unit speed).Sort divisions not only by type, but also by model on unit view panel.Removed Muddy weather from Naval units modifier statistics page (not used in-game).Added flags needed for RCW factions.Ministers of countries created after ministers End Year wont be saved anymore (solves a problem where such ministers can be appointed to posts on game reload).Expanded revolt command:.Changed free_xxxxx commands tool-tips to show 1 digit after the decimal point (DH Full only).Map edits adopted new DH Full map data, areas and regions some tweaks to critical areas (e.g.Added July 20th plot event chain for Germany.Fixed some province names in Polish language.
Added naval and air bases at Bremen.