Create a logo watermark in photoshop elements

create a logo watermark in photoshop elements

Then at the top, where you see that stroke, click.
Step 2: Activate the Type tool by clicking t on your keyboard, or clicking the T in the toolbar.
Step 5: Once you are on Basic or Default brush set, go to Edit (in main menu) and then choose Define Brush.Size your brush to fit your image (tip: use the or keys to make brushes bigger or smaller and click on your image where you want the watermark.Typing The Copyright, you can now begin typing your text onto the canvas.Where you see the drop down menu, click and go to Basic or Default brush set.To learn how to create your 3-D effect and add your watermark to an image, read part two of this article!Then proceed as normal.2000 or 1500 pixels would work too, but I just stick with 2500.Give your brush a descriptive name.
Step 6: Name your brush whatever you like.
I have two types of watermarks, a script (fancy) and a plain (dont know the technical word for that one, maybe block?

Create a New Layer for your document.Remember, whatever color is in your foreground (white/black box below) will be the color used for your watermark.In the last lesson, you learned how to add text to your photos with the goal of creating Pinnable images for your blog.Note : Dont forget to adjust the videos image quality so you can see things better!Please share the home page anyplace control 4.9 serial number for this course.If youre using a Mac, hold down the Option key and press the letter G on your keyboard.