Collins unabridged german-english dictionary 5th edition

collins unabridged german-english dictionary 5th edition

An itinerant or vagrant lower-class or poor person.
"Young people are raising their eyes".
26 Boche / bosche / bosch ( France ; US; UK) a German (shortened from the French term caboche dure "hard head" or "stubborn."Expanded "gringo" limit in Brazilian Championship".Retrieved "Canto, Volume.316 Terrorist (English-speaking world) An Arab or Middle Easterner.397; "fritz Webster's ; Polish Language Dictionary: "Fritz".Archived from the original on 16 December 2008."My life in a turban".10, 1003 Tripp, Elise Forbes.More often used when referring foreigners as military enemies, such as riben guizi Japanese devils, because of Second Sino-Japanese War meiguo guizi American devils, because of Korean War ).A vatnik is a cheap cotton-padded jacket.

Retrieved tone, Oliver; Kovic, Ron (August 1988).The Harlem Renaissance: learn italian ipad app A Historical Dictionary for the Era: Appendixes.324 Towel head a person who wears a turban.155156 "Thatcher axed by BBC's One Show".258 See towel head.125 Its use has been traced to US Marines serving in the Philippines in the early 20th century.279 Shine (US) a black person (from shoeshiner ).Originally kamen rider decade episode 23 combined from 2 words "maling" (Javanese, meaning "thief and "Malaysia".(US and UK) Germans, especially German soldiers; popular during World War.A b Woo, Emma (2008)."After the N-word, the P-word".
32 33 Bohunk (North America) a lower-class immigrant of Central European descent.
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