Cleaning disk space ubuntu

cleaning disk space ubuntu

Suppose you installed a package myprogram.
Clean your apt cache from time-to-time Install patches, updates, and fixes Now go and free some space!
This can be a big help when youre trying to free up space do you have an old virtual machine or another large file buried somewhere in your home directory?Not that you cannot use them, but its better to avoid if you dont know what you are doing.Stacer is one such tool that you could use.If you install kernels manually or through a third-party dead rising off the record keygen PPA youll need to get your hands dirty.Im using shell expansion for the version numbers to save typing.Say hello to Ubuntu Cleaner, a system utility designed to clean browser caches, removed unneeded apps, and get shot of old kernels.This tool will find it and make it very obvious that its taking up a large amount of space.Clean the thumbnail cache, ubuntu automatically creates a thumbnail, for viewing in the file manager.
At its core Ubuntu Cleaner is a user-friendly alternative filemaker pro 9 keygen mac to BleachBit.

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If you use a distribution not based on Debian, youll probably have to use a different package management utility for this.Computer Janitor aka Ubuntu Cleaner, if the app as the faint glow of familiarity, youre not mistaken.It also removes old Linux kernels that were installed from automatically in the system upgrade.Now, the command listed in point 1 removes such orphaned packages.Writing a list on system cleaning could easily end up 10x as long as this one if we were to tell you about every app, cache, log and system process hiding in every nook and cranny.But it wont work if you manually installed the kernel in Ubuntu.Image Credit: Jason Mann on Flickr.To install it, open the Ubuntu Software Center and search for Synaptic.And this is why we have a number of GUI tools that will help you do that in a few clicks with an easy to use interface.On larger severs, it probably isnt worth it though.
Personally, I use apt-get autoremove more often than any other commands here.