Civcity rome v1 1 patch

civcity rome v1 1 patch

The water system in the game has changed; shacks no longer need to golf games to for computer use a well if a cistern is placed.
User is now warned when overwriting save games, exiting a map and exiting the game.
Fixed issue with children not going to Grammaticus.
You can no longer build boatyards on top of trees.Map Editor - Playing a create map then quitting with building selected no longer makes buildings appear in map editor.Watchtowers are now more effective against lions * Buildings no longer highlight while placing roads.Buildings now update to correct land height when placed.# 1, 07:32, senior Member, join Date: Feb 2005, location: anywhere you want.Fixed boatyard issue when it would occasionally stop working.Fixed issue with the chariot trainer.Trade Ships and trade mules now show icon for which type of good they are carrying.Fixed issue when a piazza burns down musicians will stop performing.Fixed issue with the radius for selecting the goose farm.We also make no illusions about gaming: it's supposed to be fun.There are now separate carts at the trade dock * Citizens no longer destroy bushes and flowers when the walk over them.
When an army loses troops the legion amounts are now shown correctly on the empire map and fort menu * Troops no longer jump back into position when continually telling them to leave the fort.
Resolution 1600x1200 is now supported.

Fixed issues with animation on trade dock crane.Fixed issue with enemies occasionally losing their weapons.Fixed issues with troops not returning to a fort.Fixed wood camp issue when it would occasionally stop working.( 1 file(s) (27.67MB beyond routine upgrades, this patch includes some noteworthy features that make the game more accessible, like anyplace control 4.9 serial number shortcuts, Kids Mode, Auto Save, advanced camera options and the Undo Feature which allows a brief window of time for you to change your mind.Click the link below to sart downloading your file now.
Fixed issue when more than hp compaq pro 6300 pci serial port driver three win conditions show up in briefing screen.
Map Editor - When water is erased, fish will also be deleted and not left in the ground.