Boss me-70 manual portugues

boss me-70 manual portugues

Fuzzy OD-1, direct to amp.
What it is, and is not.The new ME-70 has four of these groups and corresponding foot switch for each.Well, yes and.Acoustic Sim tone setting, "name brand" OD/DS setting names, ring modulator, stereo chorus settings, and 2 of the previous 4 types of reverb (it now has only Room and Hall).Also new and wonderful is a 38 second Phrase Loop function with unlimited overdubbing, so you can layer to your heart's content, at least up to the 38 second limit.Clean, from recording out jack.Let's say you are going to edit key easy word recovery 2.0 a saved patch.Each of these models can be equalized using the control knobs, of you can use no model and use the equalizer only.However, the ME-70 now splits some of those tone options off to the new Preamp section, which makes sense since some of the OD/DS choices on the ME-50 were amp-specific distortions.Delay section from Heaven, with Phrase Looper.In manual mode these foot switches turn individual effects on and off, like four separate stomp boxes, one each for Compression/FX, and.So I won't go into those things, or operation in general.There is also an option for how the knobs work to change the values.Some have complained how hard it is, but as explained in the manual it's simple to adjust, and when you do it you also recalibrate the pedal range.
The sound quality is superb.

A little planning will give you a much better approach to live playing if you set up your patches and a manual mode or E-Z Tone.Just press and hold the Edit/Exit button and turn the knob in question and the value will be displayed.It also has 1 and -1 octave settings, and a voice box effect.When you disengage memory mode, you return to whatever settings you were using in manual mode, so you can think of it as having 5 patches in total available without having to switch banks (4 manual).What else is new?When you turn the knob to change the value, it can either change immediately from it's current position regardless of the previously saved position, OR you can do it as in the ME-50 and many other devices like this.Since this unit is really digital with analog knobs, often the control positions don't match what is actually being played.As if there weren't enough foot switches already, you can add 2 more external Boss FS-5U or one FS-6, which will then switch the Preamp and Reverb sections on and off, as will also serve as separate Bank Select up/down switches.
So you can be playing along with your typical delay setting, and do some special delay effect by pressing and holding the pedal.
Clean, direct to amp jack.