Axon ax 50 usb editor

axon ax 50 usb editor

The AX 50 USB is the latest in the range, and, as the name hints, it's like a cut-down AX100 that you can connect to your computer via USB.
Each zone can have its own transpose and pitch quantise settings assigned, with hunger games map minecraft 1.6.4 the latter determining how string bends are dealt with.
By using our site, you agree to our use of cookies.The axon AX 50 USB has arrived: It is the "little brother" of the extremely successful axon AX 100 mkii one of the most powerful devices of its kind.We had much more fun controlling our soft synths.The tracking is superb, and the many options of the unit itself coupled with the massive range of music software available today make for some mind-boggling possibilities).For recording, the AX 50 USB is brilliant because you can easily edit out any extraneous midi fluff, and for live use, the response is definitely fast and accurate enough, as long as your playing is up to par.The axon AX 50 USB is based on the same technology as its "big brother but it has additional options, such as a USB port with four additional virtual midi ports, which makes it ideal for state-of-the-art, computer-based recording studios.And while the lack of the AX 100's arpeggiator is no great loss (many soft synths have their own we do really miss its awesome Hold feature, which enables you to accompany yourself by using a footswitch to 'hold' the current sound while you wail.

The tracking of tapping and legato playing is OK, though we had to play quite hard to get it happening.Let's get a few things straight before talking about the unit's performance: if your guitar isn't set up correctly, and if your playing isn't clean and precise, then you're likely to run into tracking issues and the spontaneous emission of unwanted notes.Or play the sax with your acoustic guitar?Reviews, questions Answers View All, loading.Order today with the protection of our 45-day lowest price and total satisfaction guarantees!You want a flute accompaniment with your guitar?With the Terratec axon AX 50 USB, you can control an external instrument and up to four other software sound machines on your computer: a midi-OUT connector and four additional virtual midi ports via USB make all of this possible.Image 2 of 3, the AX 50's split function allows for boundless flexibility.Also, the sending of default CCs is sometimes more of an annoyance than a help, and disabling sending of volume commands doesn't work - it sets the volume to zero instead!
Most of the patches don't sound that realistic, and so are even less convincing when you play your guitar licks through them.
There are 128 preset slots, each of which consist of one or more 'split zones'.