Are you my mother alison bechdel

are you my mother alison bechdel

I was a big fan of Alison Bechdels Fun Home when it came out 6 years ago, it was an interesting and insightful memoir about her growing up in a funeral home with a father who was secretly homosexual and would later commit suicide, and.
Something, I would argue, that is far more valuable.
For a book about remembering, it oddly rejects the sloppiness and inaccuracy of recollection.
So besides the psychobabble textbook"ng, the Woolf stuff, more psychobabble in the therapist scenes, and a look at her mothers fairly ordinary life, whats left?But as Bechdel says, this memory is semi-fictional; its dialogue is invented wholesale.None of these seem quite correct, or even helpful.I got papers in Philadelphia and Chicago to carry my comic strip, Bechdel says.Is, in the end, a very weak follow-up to Fun Home containing far too much vampire diaries season 4 episode 23 songs intellectual posturing and not enough substance.Are You My Mother?: A Comic Drama is a graphic memoir written and illustrated.The book is a companion piece to her earlier work, Fun Home.ARE YOU MY mother?
The mythic method is always a personal archive, and Bechdel who mentions Joyce often in Fun Home replaces antiquity with the histories of her mother, Winnicott, Woolf, and others.
Eliots ideas about narrative and myth, psychology and anthropology, and comedy and seriousness are helpful when thinking about Bechdels comic.

The book appears to defend thinking about experience in this near-paranoid and critical (as in negative and judgmental ) way as axiomatically Good.Perhaps by acknowledging her own and her mothers woundedness without invoking a mediating authority (Winnicott, Woolf, etc.) who can interpret them for her something has genuinely changed within her, giving the book the traditional happy ending of the comedy.Not many as it turns out, and neither is the book particularly about Bechdels mum.In fact the book made such a deep impression on me that after reading it, I walked around for days seeing little bits and snatches of my life as Alison Bechdel drawings.This is, as Bechdels mother says, a metabook.The dream is then interpreted and explained in the context of various events in Bechdel's life, jumping backwards and forwards in time in doing.In the final pages, she discusses her immediate need for a conclusion and constructs a reconciliation with her mother or more accurately, new wedding dress up games 2012 she cartoons a possible ceasefire between herself and the mental image of her mother that dominates her psyche. .