Arang and the magistrate episode 18

arang and the magistrate episode 18

Arang and Eun-oh's actions, meanwhile, are being tracked by the.
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Ayahnya, seorang hakim, percaya bahwa ia telah kawin lari dengan seorang pria dan kemudian mengundurkan diri dari jabatannya karena merasa malu.Suk, Monica (June 18, 2012)."What Role will Shin Min Ahs New Tattoo Play in Arang and the Magistrate?".43 It aired in Malaysia on cable channel NTV7."Kwon Oh-joong to team up with Lee Joon-gi and Shin Min-a"."Yeon Woo Jin Dons Hanbok in Arang and the Magistrate Previews"."Lee Joon Gis Character Still Cut for Arang and the Magistrate Revealed"."Tale of Arang" most expensive TV series sold of all time on MBC"." Arang and the Magistrate Lee Joon-gi "I hope this will become a standard".Ho, Stewart (September 19, 2012).Sunwoo, Carla (August 23, 2012)."Yeon Woo Jin is a Cold Flower Scholar in New Still Cuts".

Retrieved October 15, 2012. .Synopsis edit, a nobleman named Kim Eun-oh lee Joon-gi ) comes to town searching for his mother after hearing a rumor that she is staying at the village of Miryang.Suk, Monica (August 29, 2012).22 23 The series was filmed at MBC Dramia in Gyeonggi Province.Retrieved October 15, 2012.Cast, lee, Joon-Ki Eun Ho, shin, Min-ah Arang."Fervent Viewers Solving the Mysteries"."Dramas Shot in Dramia".37 Episode # Original broadcast date Average audience share TNmS Ratings 38 AGB Nielsen 39 Nationwide Seoul National Capital Area Nationwide Seoul National Capital Area Special episode August 8, 2012.1.4.9 (.0) 1 August 15, 2012. 2 August.
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