Age of wonders 3 patch 1.09

age of wonders 3 patch 1.09

4th Elven Court map: Independents no longer interfere with one of the starting quests.
Performance, fixed frame drop when armies were selected.
Kind Regards, The Team @ Triumph Studios.
5th Commonwealth map: A defeat leader quest no longer reveals that leaders position.Team Triumph so yeah, this was expected.The theocrats rebirth spell can now die in tactical combat without causing you to lose the campaign map, as long as you win the battle that they die.Fixed decreasing frame rate occurring during extended play, particularly in longer battles. This years additions saw the release of the Eternal Lords expansion, pbem, the Mac/Linux port and Modding Tools and many other improvements that wouldnt have been possible without your input.Fixed the stack confirm movement button being disabled in some situations when a stack was auto-moving.Perhaps it's AoW Battlecry.Spring of life now rewards units when explored. Well have to wait to show development updates until the game is more complete, but we can say it will be something that will very much appeal to the typical yugioh forbidden memories formato iso AoW player.Please continue to provide your feedback in the forums!

Fixed an issue when logging in with usernames of two characters.Fixed an issue where a backstab bonus wasnt being correctly applied.4th Commonwealth map: Fixed a message that missed an icon under specific circumstances.T/merry-xmas/ "As the Holiday season approaches wed like to take the opportunity to thank all our fans for their part in making Age of Wonders III bigger and better in 2015. .AI Improvements, fixed some cases where the tactical AI would come out from behind the walls of cities and fortresses too soon.Triumph plans on supporting the game in the new year and were looking forward to your continued feedback.Increased cost of racial tier 3 unit building to 300 gold and 100 mana.1091 Beta under DLC.This fixes an issue where rogues had limited options.Using the restart option in a campaign map now returns the player to the briefing, allowing map difficulty to be changed.Stopped the AI spamming disjunction, so players can now use global magic more easily.